Testimonial by Terry L. Shanklin: Owner and Housing Consultant 

Three years ago, I was a Behavior Counselor for Compass Housing, I left that job to go and work for Plymouth Housing because, Plymouth Housing to me was not a "Housing First" model... Meaning, they cared much more about their resident’s recovery from drugs and alcohol and poor behaviors and choices... At that same time, I had my own vision to create, open and run a hom e that focused on building  men  up to live more productive lives... For the last three years this has been my passion, and today it's my reality!!! So, I introduce you all to the 642 Home!!! My first of many Recovery Homes to come!!! Here at B-Blessed Homes our goal is, "Carrying The Message So Another Men Can Carry The Message!!!" I serve a God that's Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. 360 degrees!!! Which makes very good since when I look at my life and say, "my God has turned me 360 degrees from the me I use to be, to the me I am today!!! And thanks to all of you my family and friends for having my best in minds and in your hearts!!! You have inspired me to live out my dreams and reach for the moon!!! Thanks to my wife, my backbone, the love that I get up each day to go out and fight the lions, tiger's and bears of this world for!!! Cha, I love you with no limits!!! 

Sam Jones: Housing Manager

Hello, I’m Sam house manager of B-Blessed Housing. My clean date 8/18/14.
I sponsor 3 men that are doing the dang-thing, my favorite meeting is Psychic Change at South King County Alano club 12 step meeting. At 5 years sober I published two books titled, “Brother's of the Damn I & II“. Since I’ve been sober, I’ve work at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a supporter and now I drive a truck for a major telecommunications company performing fiber and coaxial cable locates underground to prevent  damage to the utilities before construction or road work begins. Prior to me getting sober I couldn't get a job driving as a tech because I had too many DUI’s. I lost my ability to drive because I couldn't stay sober and that hurt me but, through the helping hand of the programs I’ve regained my clean driver's record and now I’m doing what I lost. When your sober, you too can do things you couldn't while drinking. So, today I stay committed to meetings and to doing step work with others and assisting them find a new way to live. Now, I’ve being of maximum services by helping others regain their lives, families and spiritual health and wellness.

  Scott Robinson: Resident

Hi my name is Scott Robinson, I've recently had the good fortune to come to B-Blessed Housing through Matt, a friend of mine who is in the AA program and I met Terry who runs B-Blessed. My good friend Matt recognized in me and the change I've made in my own life and saw that I needed help with housing.  So, he introduced me to Terry. I was released from prison a few months ago on a housing voucher. When my voucher ran out, I looked around, and through my friend Matt I found B-Blessed and Terry! I have close to three years clean, and I’ve just recently become employed full-time!  The environment that is provided here at B-Blessed is very helpful in maintaining and continuing the things that are important to me, and for me. The folks here gave me a chance at a good start to a better life by giving me a chance to join this house. Things are going well for me and I would like to thank my new friends, Sam and Shane, here for the opportunity to be in a place that has been designed for people who need a second chance.

 Shane Hayes: Resident

My father died in a car accident in 1971 when I was 2 1/2 years old. My mother who was only 21 at the time went off the deep end and turned to a life of drugs. I bounced around from different family members (all of whom had addiction issues/primarily alcohol). When I was in 8th grade I started smoking weed and by the time I was a sophomore in high school I took great pride in the fact that I could drink a case of beer and still function (I was truly blessed that I was never in a car accident/although I was brought home on a few occasions by the police with no charges ever filed. This was Texas and I was a varsity football and baseball player..... right or wrong that's the way it was). I turned from that life when I was saved in July of 1993. Almost immediately, I started working with the youth group and within a month of being baptized I was teaching a Sunday school class. I continued working with the youth and had a great mentor and I absorbed the Word like a sponge. In 1999 I surrendered to the Ministry and in 2000 I left my full time job and moved my family from Houston to Dallas and started attending Bible college on a full time basis. In 2001 I was offered my first full time position (which I took and continued with Seminary until I graduated in 2003). This whole time I had a dark secret that Nobody in the church new about. Before I quit my full time job to start Bible college, I got into an argument with a guy at work. The argument turned into a fight and I ended up on the wrong side of his .38 caliber and was shot in the right hip area. I was immediately taken into surgery where they removed the bullet but it had done a LOT of damage and I spent the next year (until I left for Bible college) rehabbing my leg and I was put on a plethora of pain pills. I knew after that first year that I had a problem (I had my first O.D. in October of 2000 but we told everyone it was just a reaction to my meds (I had my wife lying for me). This continued until I moved to Washington in April of 2018 when for the first time, doctors would not prescribe my pain pills. That's when I first used heroin (smoking/never injected) until I was accepted at the Care clinic in May of 2019. I now have my life back, I've returned to the gym, restored my relationship with my daughter and grand-kids and I am working for a great company instead sitting around waiting on disability. My counselor (Jeffery) at We Care clinic gave me a B-Blessed Housing card because I was looking to move out on my own as I had been staying with family members, and here I am. God is GOOD!!!!!

 Tyler Allen: Resident

My name is Tyler Allen and I was homeless for about 2 years. I am on what is called the "MAT" program which stands for Medication Assisted Treatment. In layman's terms that means that I take methadone on a daily basis, at a doctor's prescribed dose to keep my heroin withdrawal symptoms in check. I’m looking forward to becoming a productive member of society once again, but it’s been so long since I've been a “productive member” that I did not know where to start. And then by God's grace, B-Blessed housing was mentioned and their information given to me. I contacted the homeowner Terry, he picking me up and brought me to the house to check it out. And at that moment it hit me, “I CAN DO THIS!” and I can become a better person! I can tell you that, from living on the streets or in a tent in doorways under benches that this was a huge upgrade and a great opportunity for me to be able to get back on my feet. My sobriety is now the first and foremost thing I need to focus on, soon I will be 100% and looking for work as well as maintaining my sobriety. Overall, I think the B-Blessed house was the best and most appropriate choice I could have ever made!  And with hands on staff and owner, I can't wait to see how far my abilities are able to take me. And hopefully one day I will be able to be the savior of another man that is in the same type of situation that I was in when I was found and had a hand reached out to help me. Thank you so very much. 
-Sincerely yours- Tyler Allen

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