B-Blessed Supportive Housing Now Renting!!!

B-Blessed Housing “642 House” provides a recovery residences and support services to individuals fighting the battle of addiction, behavioral health, emotional and eating disorders. We serve adult men, 18 years and above. Our primary purpose is, "to carry the message of recovery and support our residents in establishing and practicing a recovery-oriented lifestyle."


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We are more than sober living or a “half-way” house. The residential component of the B-Blessed Housing program is important – we provide our residents with safe, comfortable home environments and a supportive, a recovery-focused peer group. 

However, the aspect of the B-Blessed Housing program that differentiates us from many sober living homes is our life-skill counseling and the many support services provided to our residents. We assist in getting all the benefit’s out of learning to living a productive life in society. ie. Driver’s license, work skills, and social skills. 

We provide one-on-one sessions, 12 Step meeting support, in-house support groups, life skill development, employment/education guidance, dual diagnosis support, fellowship activities, and family support. Counseling and collaborating with each resident’s recovery support system, including referring treatment centers and continuing care service providers. 

Our community also conduct frequent, random drug screening to ensure the safety of our communities. At B-Blessed Housing, our focus is not only on helping our residents maintain and strengthen their recovery, but also on becoming productive members of a community. 

Our graduates leave the B-Blessed Housing program with a strong foundation in the outside recovery community and a solid understanding of the skills that are necessary to live a productive life in recovery. All residents are required to come prepared to begin a new way of life. Those who don’t want this new way of life, need not apply.
Terry L. Shanklin


Rent is $550 monthly sheared living paid on time (No Exceptions), $500 for House Manager single room.  House Manager needed.
Chores are expected daily (No Exceptions.)
Working or actively seeking education/employment daily is expected (No Exceptions.

Participating with or in connection with CCO, Courts, Mental Health, Treatment agencies in mandatory (No Exceptions.)
12 Step programs is expected (No Exceptions.)
Drug screenings are expected and reports of results to outside entities is defiant (No Exceptions.)