B-Blessed Pressure Washing

No Better Clean west of the Mississippi!

B-Blessed Services also does Pressure Washing !
We all know that the first thing perspective buyers look for in a new home is “Curb Appeal!” It's said that 90% of the homes that are still on the market months longer then the sealer needs them to be is because of the way it looks from the outside. It's also said that the first thing buyers are attracted to is what the curb appeal of the home looks like to them when they drive up to it. And the second thing that comes into their minds is what it will cost to have it pleasing to their eyes. It's the same as a purchaser of a Red Corvette, most people don't buy the car because it can blow the doors off of most other cars on the road. They buy it because of its appealing looks and how they will look driving in it!

It’s simple, perspective buyers want the home their planning to spend their days in to look as good as purchasing a new home makes them feel. We at B-Blessed Pressure Washing Services can assist you in creating that curb appeal for you new home owner buy power by washing your market homes driveways, walkways, patios, decks, fences, porches, sidings, roofs...

Heck, we do it all when it comes to beautifying and bring appeal back to your property!

Which, spells quicker sales, happier buyers of homes and perspective clients from their neighboring homes. Because once the neighbors see how fast you've sold the home down the streets they'll come calling! 

No Better Clean west of the Mississippi!


Cars, RVs, Driveways, Trucks, Garage Floor s. 

Garden Fences, Outdoor Cleaning, Outdoor Furniture, Patios, Patio Furnitu re, Siding, Decks. 

 Trash Can & Bins, Cement, Brick, Rooftops, Prepping exteriors for painting and more!

Seal your decks with  Ready Seal  for a durable professional finish.



So, next time before you put your next home on the market or plan for your next rental, give us a call (206) 348-6185   
Let us at B-Blessed Services  Power wash your home and see how they beam with delight as they drive up and see the house of their dreams.  

B-Blessed Pressure Washing Services

“We Are Accident Proof”

Being “fully licensed and insured” separates us from the pack.

We have over 6-years’ experience and have never had to use your liability insurance but still pay $ per month for ultimate protection, because accidents happen.

We are very good at our job (haven’t broken client’s stuff) being smart/responsible

(we still pay for protection because as you know accidents happen).