B-Blessed Supportive Housing

  Drug Screening

Why We Conduct In-House Drug Screens?


At B-Blessed Housing, safety and accountability are the watch words of our recovery residences. B-Blessed Housing randomly conducts drug screens to ensure the safety of our communities. Drug screens assist residents in developing a willingness to accept responsibility and take accountability for their actions and remain in integrity with themselves and their community, and to actively demonstrate recovery behaviors.  To ensure the safety and stability of all B-Blessed Housing residences, those found to have violated our "NO TOLERANCE, NO EXCUSE DRUG POLICY", will be excused from the B-Blessed Housing program IMMEDIATELY!

B-Blessed Housing has partnered with and will report failed test to one or more of these departments King County Department of Corrections, King County Mental Health, King County Courts and Corrections, Chemical Dependency agencies to ensure overall monitoring agencies that provides daily check ins, random drug screening, spot checks, circle of support, notifications and monitors behavior.



·        Residents testing positive  at an approved laboratory will be  responsible for cost, scheduling and transportation to & from those confirmation testing site .

·        The following drug screening methods are used alternatively:

·        12 Panel Cup

·        Breathalyzer

Full Laboratory Screen on an as needed basis.